How To Get Snapchat Streak Back in 2021?

Snapchat is a top-rated social media app, just like Facebook and Instagram. Users can create a new story and share it with their friends. The story on Snapchat is called snap. Snapchat is very popular for its camera filters. Another popular Snapchat feature is a Snapchat streak. It allows users to stay connected with friends.

Snapchat streak is a number that you can see after your friend’s name. Using Snapchat streak numbers, you can check whether you have exchanged snaps or not? For example, if the number is 20, you both have sent snaps for 20 days.

You both have to send at least 1 snap in 24 hours. Otherwise, the number will disappear automatically, and there is no coming back. You won’t get the Snapchat streak feature back.

But if it is a bug or problem from Snapchat, you can contact them and wait for some time. You have to explain your situation to the Snapchat support team.

Rules To Maintain Streak

Snapchat Streak shows that the higher the number, the more you are connected with that person. There are some rules that you should follow to maintain a good Snapchat Streak score.

  • Send 1 Snap in 24 hours; You can’t skip a single day;
  • Both have to send snaps (Sender – Receiver)

How To Get Snapchat Streak Back?

If you have sent daily snaps and followed all the rules, then wait for some time. If the issue is not from your side, you have to wait for the Snapchat support team. They will identify and fix the issue. They will also share a problem if they found any.

Final Words

Many users find this Snapchat streak feature useful and exciting. If you are banned from using Snapchat streak, then you can get it back using our guide.

If you need any help, then comment below. If you want to change or edit anything in this article, contact us.

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